Implant Dentistry training videos including clinical videos on how to place implants from single implants through to all on x treatment concepts. 

Implant Dental Training Videos

Dr Pedro Rodrigues

All on X Treatment Concept

All On X is a treatment concept that allows you to fully replace someone’s smile in 3-4 hours, using several dental implants instead of creating one for each tooth. 


Dr Lincoln Harris

Anterior Implant with Socket Shield

Dr Lincoln demonstrates a partial extraction therapy (PET) or 'socket shield'.


Dr Lincoln Harris

Biovascular Graft Around Implant

Dr Harris discusses grafting over implants when repairing a defect 


Dr Dale Rosenbach

Facial Plate Deficiencies : Fenestrations and Dehiscences in Implant Dentistry

Dr Dale Rosenbach teaches us about proper management of dehiscences and fenestrations