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Implant Dentistry training videos including clinical videos on how to place implants from single implants through to all on x treatment concepts. 

Implant Dental Training Videos

Dr Brett Burris

Tips & Tricks: Single Implant Crown Delivery

Brett Burris discusses the delivery of a single unit implant prosthetic.

Dr Dale Rosenbach

Surgical Objectives of Esthetic Implant Dentistry

This course will inform the clinician about the many functional and esthetic aspects of teeth, extraction sockets and implant dentistry


Dr Lincoln Harris

The Most Common Problem in Implantology: How to Avoid It

In this Masterclass, we go in-depth into why dentists face bone resorption around the crest and recession of soft tissues resulting in exposed threads and shortened longevity.

Dr Alice Whang

Tips & Tricks: How To Design A Surgical Guide With CEREC

Dr Alice Whang explains and demonstrates how to get the most of your CEREC software.

Dr Alice Whang

Top Six Surgical Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

In this masterclass, Dr Alice Whang will discuss the top six surgical mishaps that can occur at your practice and give you some practical tips on how to avoid them.