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Anterior dentistry training videos including clinical videos on composite techniques, smile design, simple fillings and more complex quadrant work.

Posterior Dental Training Videos

Dr Lincoln Harris

Burs and Polishing

A protocol for polishing composite resin fillings.

Dr Michael Frazis

Conversations with a Lab Tech

Follow along as Dr Michael Frazis discusses how to work with and handle anterior and posterior ceramic crowns to obtain a consistent end result.

Dr Jaz Gulati

Diagnosing TMDs

Dr Jaz Gulati presents to Dentists the diagnosis of common Temporo-mandibular disorders
(TMDs) based on good history taking and a sound understanding of TMJ anatomy.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Fillings - Quadrant Dentistry

Tips to make Quadrant Dentistry less overwhelming and manageable.


Dr Lincoln Harris

Finding a Calcified Canal

Dr Lincoln Harris

Free masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris

'First Contact' masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris