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Dr Thomas Sealey

A Simplified Approach to Advanced Composite Techniques

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To produce superbly integrated composite dentistry on anterior teeth requires two extremely critical elements perfect natural shape replication and perfect colour integration. These are the two most difficult, yet most important factors, that will affect the overall beauty of the smile you are creating.  

Anterior dentistry in general, and particularly anterior composite dentistry, can be a very scary prospect for many of us as there's no hiding it do it well and you are a Superstar, do it badly and it may come back to haunt you for years to come.

Anterior composite does not need to be scary though. By understanding the material properties of composite and considering our patient smiles using a more simplified approach, we can remove much of the anxiety around anterior dentistry.

Developing a rigorous protocol to plan, prepare and perform our composite smile improvements allows us to become amazingly effective at delivering good quality and long-lasting dentistry. Mix this with a reduced layering and colour approach, and we can become more efficient and therefore composite becomes more cost-effective to both us and our patients. Finally, by following a simplified technique for shaping and polishing using a reduced number of stages and burs, allows us to produce smiles that are both perfectly naturally integrated and also have that photo-ready beauty that our patients' expect.

This 5-hour course has been developed to teach you the theory and clinical techniques surrounding anterior composite dentistry. With both simulated and real-world case presentation, you will learn how to effectively integrate composite resin into your daily practice for improvements in your patient smiles. 

With a 5-hour mix of lectures, videos, step-by-step procedures, case presentation and self-development suggestions, this of the course is certain to not only develop your understanding of composite material and smile design, but also stimulate and ignite your passion for introducing minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry to your patients. 

Following the detailed explanations and instructions will help improve your ability to perform this type of anterior dentistry predictably, and will also simplify your approach, both improving your time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness in providing anterior composite restorations.