Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry
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Dr Lincoln Harris

Anterior Composites

Sausage Technique

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  • Topical and Anaesthetic
  • Operative Cassette (Articulating paper, flat
    plastic, Ball Burnisher, sickle scaler, curved artery forceps, mouth mirror, sickle probe, perio probe, tweezers.
  • No. 12 scalpel
  • High Speed Handpiece
  • Slow Speed Handpiece
  • Burs and polishing discs and cups
  • Rubberdam Holepunch, Forceps, Frame,
  • Blue Rubber (non-latex), Scissors, Wedjet,
  • Floss
  • Rubber dam set-up with correct holes, clamp
    in rubber
  • Metal matrix band
  • Hemostatic agent - (ViscoStat - Clear)
  • Disclosing Solution - (plaque 2 tone solution - PDS)
  • Air abrasion
  • Etch - (Vococid - 35% phosphoric acid)
  • Optibond Solo
  • Composite - Gaenial
  • Fine Flat Plastic - (Style Italiano)
  • Flowable - (Clearfil Majesty ES Flow)
  • White bond well and black cover
  • Microbrushes
  • Fine and Course metal polishing strips
  • Composite Gun
  • Composite Heater turned on RED