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Dr Alina Ruzanova
Dr Lincoln Harris

Anterior Dentistry

Beautiful and Functional Smile Principles

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In the lecture about Beautiful and Functional Smile Principles we talk about how to deal with all the common issues we all have with treating anterior teeth.

Dr Alina Ruzanova from Estonia and Dr Lincoln Harris from Australia talk about the basic building blocks of anterior dentistry.

They know that you want to create beautiful and functional smiles for your patients. In order to do that, you need to have the confidence in yourself, your knowledge and skill level. 

The trouble is, without experience, you can't gain the practical understanding or the hand skills to achieve a precise outcome for your patients and this can make you feel inadequate.

Dr Alina Ruzanova and Dr Lincoln Harris understand this:

  • they are clinicians who work in private practice
  • both deal with the same problems and issues you do every single day
  • they just have more experience (more failures) and have the knowledge to handle these situations
  • they have both had many failures and learnt how to deal with them so they can guide you on what to do to avoid having the same issues.

In this 12 hour recording Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Alina Ruzanova go through all the common everyday anterior dentistry topics, issues that you deal with day in day out. They will give you the tools to help you solve the issue in clear step by step fashion.

Anterior Dentistry