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Dr Lincoln Harris

Bone and Soft Tissue Graft - Part 2

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In part 1 of this 2 part procedure video, this patient had a bone and soft tissue graft. Dr Lincoln Harris was not happy with the volume so decided on a pedicle graft. Pedicle grafts are a more complex procedure due to keeping the tissue attached so the graft does not lose blood supply.

This type of soft tissue graft can be more painful during the healing process but the patient will be left with beautiful volume and thickness of the tissue in the gap ready for an implant or pontic bridge.

Sections in this video:

  • Vertical Mattress Suturing
  • Tying off suture
  • Compression sling with Teflon suture
  • Single tooth sling with 6/0
  • Simple interrupted suturing for wound closure
  • Fitting of temporaries
  • Adjustment of ovate pontic
  • Opening embrasures
  • Application of TempBond into temporary
  • Redo suture with vertical apical sling suture
  • Papillary suture
  • Tightening and pulling tissue down
  • Healing