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Dr Lincoln Harris

Building Up Cusps

How to cap a cusp with composite resin and flowable

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Learn how to cap a cusp with composite resin and flowable. This technique can be used when the patient can’t afford an inlay or crown. 

Forming tooth anatomy in procedures like this does take time. In this video, I use composite and flowable to build up the cusp. To get the right occlusal height, I find that it is as simple as ensuring the fissure is in the right place and the cusp is at the right angle.

Throughout this video, you will also learn the advantages of building the cusps rather than doing a flat composite. Doing a flat composite often ends up with the composite being high in the fissure area of the tooth and this takes much longer to adjust. Having the tooth high on a cusp tip, however, takes hardly any time to adjust if needed. 

There were no rotary instruments used to reach the end result so you can see the shape and form that you can achieve without burs.