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Dr Lincoln Harris

Clearance with Implants - Part 1

Part One

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This recording is part one of a two-part series.  We have previously removed most of this patients upper and lower teeth and made a full upper immediate denture.

First, learn how to remove maxillary teeth via sectional extractions and place an upper denture.

Secondly, I demonstrate how we removed the remaining teeth and roots on the mandible by raising a flap.

Thirdly, learn how we curette the mandible area to remove infection and tissue from the sockets. An osteotomy is also performed in preparation for 3 implants on the mandible area 46, 44 and 42.

Lastly, see how we place and torque three Implants and place an abutment on a posterior implant (46 area) with immediate loading intended on anterior implants.

To be continued in part two.

Sections in this video:

1. Quad 2 Local Anaesthetic

2. Extracting Quad 2 Teeth

3. Lower Local Anaesthetic

4. Extracting Lower Teeth

5. Quad 3 Mid-Crestal Incision

6. Curetting Sockets

7. Cleaning Sockets using Round- Bur

8. Osteotomy

9. Placing Implant

10. Placing Healing Abutment

11. Osteotomy

12. Placing Implant

13. Osteotomy

14. Placing Implant




Surgical set up may differ depending on patient requirements