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Dr Lincoln Harris

Clearance with Implants - Part 2

Part Two

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This recording is part two of a two-part series.  Having already performed a full clearance and placed some implants (shown in Clearance with Implants Part 1), this part sees the patient having the remainder of his lower implants placed.

After the lower implants are placed, the patient's lower denture was tried in to adjust with the temporary cylinders in place. Learn how I torque the implants and ensure they are at the right depth before placing temporary cylinders. After the final tidy up, I place the healing abutments.

 In this video, I also touch on the implant placing and torque tension processes, as well as the bone-grafting process.

 The end result is a fully loaded implant retained denture.

Sections in this video:

1. Torque Tension Process

2. Inserting Temporary Cylinders

3. Quad 4 Local Anaesthetic

4. Quad 4 Mid-Crestal Incision

5. Extracting

6. Curetting Sockets

7. Osteotomy

8. Placing Implant

9. Quad 4 Local Anaesthetic

10. Osteotomy

11. Placing Implant

12. Placing Temporary Cylinder

13. Osteotomy

14. Placing Implant

15. Placing Temporary Cylinder

16. Quad 4 Local Anaesthetic

17. Bone Grafting

18. Denture Try-In

19. Healing Abutments Placed


Surgical set up may differ depending on patient requirements