Dr Lane Ochi

Colour Theory and Shade Matching in Dentistry

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Colour Theory is a language that conceptually and perceptually describes the elements of colour and how they interact.

Understanding colour and colour matching in dentistry can be tricky and your mistakes can be glaringly obvious, resulting in unhappy patients.

Even slight variances in shade play with our eyes, our minds and our dentistry.

There are many factors that dentists have to overcome to produce successful results:

  • Illumination of the treatment room
  • Optical illusions
  • Colour blindness
  • Fatigue

Dr Ochi will demonstrate how to use colour theory using his own case examples enlightening the dentist and ceramist on dimensions of colour and the effect of metamerism.

Being fluent in the language of colour, can sharpen your perception of colour, help you to better understand existing colour dynamics, make better predictions, and communicate more clearly about colour.

This class will help you understand:

  • The interactions of light, colour perception and shade matching
  • The difference between additive and subtractive colour theory
  • The phenomenon of metamerism and how it can act as a complicating factor in shade selection
  • How to make the best shade selection
  • How to make ‘chairside’ modifications like translucency alteration, adding maverick colours and shade shifts
  • How and why camera light meters and your own visual system cannot be trusted

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