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Dr Michael Frazis

Digital Dentistry Masterclass

Join Dr Michael Frazis for his Masterclass on Digital Dentistry - Creating Predictability and Success with Simple Treatment Planning Protocols.

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About this free masterclass

Until recently, software and hardware limitations meant it was difficult to justify milling more than 1-2 teeth in-house. It was always more time efficient to send it to the lab, even if it meant a slightly higher cost to the patient. The knowledge and skills to learn to mill ceramics in-house are often a personal constraints dentists place on themselves. The only limitation with modern software is how good the dentists is using the system and mastering the ceramic. It's rarely based on technical issues or an inability to understand what the patient's goals are.


In this FREE 1 hour Master Class, Dr Michael Frazis will outline his tried and tested simple protocols and techniques that you can use immediately to improve efficiency using CEREC software. He will cover tool selection in various cases and how to design the clinical procedure for maximum efficiency.


You will learn how to:

~ Maximise the abilities of the software automation so you can progress from simple to more complex cases.

~ Improve your time management so you can increase efficiencies and become more consistent.

~ Increase daily productivity and successful clinical outcomes so you can give more patients beautiful smiles.


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