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Dr Alina Ruzanova

Emergence Profile as a Team Effort

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Emergence profile as a team effort. In this lecture, Dr Alina Ruzanova discusses:

  • Why is communication with the lab or surgeon important
  • Implant crown should be the same shape as natural tooth.
  • Cannot change shape in critical contour.
  • Mutual exploration conversation
  • Be confident when providing tx plan STG
  • Educate your technician, if you don't then don't expect anything above average
  • Why does your type of implant matter to the lab
  • The importance of effective communication with your team. (surgeon ect)
  • The importance of effective communication with your lab
  • Sharing your planning with your team pre-treatment to get desired outcomes
  • Having you final restoration match your temporary or healing abutment
  • Educate your technicians to allow them to make their own decisions