Dr Lincoln Harris

First Contact

How to get perfect back-to-back interproximal fillings

'First Contact' masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris

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Interproximal composites are extremely time-consuming and technically difficult. It can be very disappointing and expensive for both the dentist and the patient when you have to go back and redo the restoration because there is a food pack or overhang. 

Dr Lincoln Harris will take you through a methodical step-by-step process so you can be confident every day that your composite restorations will be comfortable for the patient, long-lasting, have a perfect seal of the gingival margins so that the tissue health is good and marginal leakage is unlikely.

This will allow more consistent results so you are successful on your first attempt.

This master class will help you achieve:

• Greater predictability and efficiencies in matrix selection
• Perfect emergence profiles using simple protocols 
• Recognise when a good contact can’t be made and to let it go

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