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Dr Lincoln Harris

Full Arch Ceramic Insert

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In this video, you will learn my methods of doing a full arch ceramic insert. I explain how I got the temporary crowns and bridges to be the shape/ size and bite that I and the patient were happy with. From there I took impressions of the temporaries and had the ceramic crowns made to match. I show how I measure the height of the ceramics and how they compare to the model of the temporaries, explaining how and why I decided to adjust them in chair, rather than taking further impressions and sending back to the Lab for adjustments. I explain my polishing technique and the importance of not scratching the surfaces as well as preparation, bonding techniques and agents used.

Sections in this video:

1. Anaesthetic

2. Removing Temporaries

3. Try in crowns

4. Adjustment

5. Insert

6. Retraction cord placement

7. Insert

8. Adjustment

9. Insert

10. Removing cement

11. Polishing

12. Bite adjustment