Dr Maria Avis

Fundamental Soft Tissue Techniques in Implantology

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Resource Overview

Do you find soft tissue surgery daunting?

Do you feel like your understanding of the fine details of incisions, flaps or sutures could be better?

We have noticed that most soft tissue courses are a little too advanced for beginners. They assume a certain degree of skill and understanding that beginners may not have attained yet.

This is the walk before you run soft tissue course. Dr Maria Avis breaks basic incisions flaps and suture techniques down into easily understood steps. She talks about tiny details that many experienced surgeons forget to mention because these small, but critical things have become instinctual to them after so many repetitions.

Maria teaches the biology of healing, histology of attachment, incisions, flaps, and sutures using case studies and live video of hands-on exercises performed on pig jaws and ears. She shares an understanding of fundamentals that will help avoid catastrophic failures both in restorative and implant dentistry. You can purchase pig ears and follow the hands-on demonstrations along with her. Practice and appreciate the nuances in real-time hands-on exercises that will increase understanding in a way that watching never can.

Whether you are starting or continuing your soft tissue journey, this is the course that will give you the refinement of the basics. Basic doesn't mean simple. It means fundamental. It is a foundation for you to build further skills.

Increase your success rate in implantology and minimise risk factors whilst opening up a new source of revenue by learning a number of new procedures.