Dr Ricardo Kern

How to Create the Biggest Change in a Patient's Smile in a Single Appointment

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Learn how to understand the soft tissue biology of a patient to better design your treatment plans.

Understand how adjusting your surgery and approach for each patients biology you can have a gingival margin that is stable from the first day until years later.

How to manage the gingival margin and bone crest to avoid the soft tissue changing a lot in the first weeks of healing.

Learn where to place the knots of your sutures so your patient can clean the gingiva more easily

How to keep on track and reproduce the exact contour you intended in your digital planning so you don't get lost in the middle of the surgery.

How to adjust your surgery for the patients biotype so you don't get the gums receding during healing.

Two ways to find out if you have a patient with a thick or thin biotype.

How to change your first incision depending on which biotype your patient has which affects the healing and the smoothness of the transition between the soft tissue contour and the crown of the patient.

How to raise the flap so the tissue in the flap is stronger.

Where to raise the flap so you have better stability during the post-op healing that is better for the patient and doesn't change the final position and contour of your surgery.

How to customise your approach to reducing the bone crest so the gingival margin is stable.