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Dr Lincoln Harris

Inlay Prep

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Captured in this video is the preparation for a ceramic inlay.

When it comes to placing rubber dam, it's best to have the buccal and palatal of the tooth numb because the clamp digs into the gum and ensure the rubber dam is right before progressing to the next step (in this case, we had to redo the rubber dam placement completely). After we formed a perfect seal around the tooth, 1 use an electric hand piece with a 1.8ml bur to prep from front to back. 

In this case, the buccal cusp was a bit thin- there wasn't enough dentine to support the enamel so the prep was extended to take the cusp out.  Dr Lincoln Harris swap to a 1.2ml bur to do the interproximal and prep the margin and then finalise the prep with a fine diamond bur. Learn why Dr Lincoln Harris prefers smooth preps, why he use a disk first to polish and how he nearly always do double cord technique when taking impressions.

In this video, Dr Lincoln Harris covers:

  • Isolation
  • Inlay reduction
  • Polishing
  • Packing retraction cord