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Dr Lincoln Harris

Occlusion Simplified and Managing Vertical Dimension

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Resource Overview

In this 7 part lecture presentation on Occlusion Simplified and Managing Vertical Dimension Lecture for the everyday dental practice Dr Lincoln Harris looks at the fundamentals, the simple principles of occlusion that are universal and the ones that you can use in everyday practice.

He will discuss everything from a single tooth to a full rehabilitation and these principles will help you avoid the common failures like when your dentistry starts breaking.

These fundamentals will help you have less failures and more comfortable patients.

These simple concepts will help you have occlusion that is predictable, occlusion that is comfortable and functional and occlusion that is long lasting, avoiding fractures, breakages and chips.

You will learn how to predictably plan,  all while learning common restorative tips to make your everyday dentistry more interesting, enjoyable and profitable.