ON 21 OCTOBER 2020

BARGARA, QUEENSLAND - New education startup company RipeGlobal has set a course to become a world leader in delivering global education that is virtual and travel-free.

Their pioneering vision, developed in response to the challenges professionals have faced since COVID-19, is disrupting the professional education landscape and has reimagined global online learning in the process.

RipeGlobal is the first decentralised, democratised education platform in the world, disrupting an age-old economic paradigm that equates worth with exclusivity.

With an initial focus on dental education RipeGlobal is levelling the field, producing curated quality online dental education that is accessible to all dentists in all countries. As a consequence, dental health care will improve globally.

Where the price point for a single lecture series would have once cost USD$1200 to view, RipeGlobal has opened up an entire catalog of lectures presented by leaders in dental education for a monthly subscription fee of USD$43 in developed countries, and just USD $14 for dentists in at least 52 developing countries.

Chief Strategy Officer Cameron Harris brings decades of corporate and technology innovation experience to RipeGlobal. “My brother Lincoln and I are the foundational investors. We have an additional 16 investors who came from our initial Round A Capital Raising event - the majority are successful master dentists who significantly believe in the direct and moral value of what we are doing. They want to invest in RipeGlobal to see us successful; many of them want to be directly involved,” he said.

Since RipeGlobal’s launch in June, 2020, their database has rapidly grown to more than 24,000 dentists, while almost 6 thousand dentists sign up each month to watch their free webinars hosted by some of the world’s best dental educators.

RipeGlobal CEO Dr Lincoln Harris conceived the idea of democratising education. A veteran educator at conferences internationally, he previously built a dental academy and launched a facebook group where 77,800 dentists engage in open learning. “There were a lot of foundations necessary for us to arrive,” he said.

“Our growth has been exponential, which takes a long time to get going. Then when it did take off, it took off like crazy,” said Dr Harris.

“I love that I don’t have to choose between better or cheaper,” said Dr Harris. “I can actually have both: build an education platform that raises the bar of dental education and have irresistibly good value. Then - and most importantly - for it to be good value it has to be good value to everybody around the world, not just the privileged.”


About RipeGlobal

RipeGlobal is a modern dental education platform, headquartered in Queensland, Australia. With a strong purpose to democratise education, they are making it affordable and accessible to all dentists globally. Their revolutionary approach to education includes a learning platform with curated quality online content and they conduct courses that feature world class dentistry educators. RipeGlobal helps to guide dentists, at any stage of their career, to become confident and competent in the pursuit of great dentistry and patient safety.

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