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RipeGlobal Revolutionises Dental Education

By Media Release on Feb 15, 2021 6:01:51 PM

ON 16 february 2021

BARGARA, QUEENSLAND, February 16, 2021/ - RipeGlobal (, has become the first dental education provider in the world to incorporate Human Factors Education pressure simulation training into dental education. 

Human Factors is a science that studies the way workplace stress affects professional performance. NASA pilots and engineers, airline pilots, and emergency health professionals incorporate Human Factors Education (HFE) into their training. Dental education, however, has been slow to adapt their curriculum despite dentistry being one of the most stressful professions in the world. 

“Dentists experience an average of five to seven significant stress triggers every day,” said Dr Michael Melkers, RipeGlobal’s Director of Educator Development. “They can become so deeply affected by stress that it undermines their confidence and ability to provide excellent care, and this leads to career dissatisfaction”.  

RipeGlobal’s latest report Human Factor Driven Education for Dentists lists the top five stressors that dentists face as time pressure, patient demands, high and enduring levels of concentration, and team issues. 

Their courses, such as the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry, inoculates dentists against these stressors. Dentists are taught skills performance under simulated operational conditions - proven methods to curb dentist’s stress levels and engender reliable clinical outcomes.

Although Human Factors in dentistry has been studied, no dental educational institution has incorporated the results of these findings by reimagining a robust and apposite curriculum that inoculates dentists against the impediment of stress. Until now.  

“Our graduate dentists will be able to walk into the most stressful situations with skills and the calm confidence to deliver safe and exceptional care for their patients,” Dr Melkers said.


About RipeGlobal

RipeGlobal is a modern dental education platform, headquartered in Queensland, Australia. With a strong purpose to democratise education, they are making it affordable and accessible to all dentists globally. Their revolutionary approach to education includes a learning platform with curated quality online content and they conduct courses that feature world class dentistry educators. RipeGlobal helps to guide dentists, at any stage of their career, to become confident and competent in the pursuit of great dentistry and patient safety.

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