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Dr Charles Payet

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Dentists

Dr Charles Payet shares his experience using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as a program to save, organise, edit, and export dental photographs.

Dr Federico Mandelli

From Risk to Opportunity: Rethinking Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate Loading

Dr Federico Mandelli shares useful insights about modern trendsin implantology: post extraction, and immediate loading implants.

Dr Karyn Halpern

Tips & Tricks: Setting Global Parameters 2

Dr Karyn Halpern continues her conversation about setting global parameters on the Cerec Primescan 5.2.3.

Dr Jaz Gulati

Diagnosing TMDs

Dr Jaz Gulati presents to Dentists the diagnosis of common Temporo-mandibular disorders
(TMDs) based on good history taking and a sound understanding of TMJ anatomy.

How I Got Started with Verti-Preps

Dr Leonora Langstaff shares her journey in learning and getting started with Verti-Preps.

Dr Michael Frazis

Rubber Dam - Basic to Advanced Techniques

In this lecture Dr Michael Frazis explains how he uses rubber dam to maximise his efficiency and improve his clinical outcomes.

Dr Alice Whang

Top Six Surgical Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

In this masterclass, Dr Alice Whang will discuss the top six surgical mishaps that can occur at your practice and give you some practical tips on how to avoid them.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Class One Composite: First Class Career

In this lecture, Dr Harris shares his experience in private practice and in business to explain how he’s made his procedures more predictable and less stressful.


Dr Daniel Rat

Full Arch Fundamentals

In this series Dr Daniel Rat shares how his treatment outcomes have changed after beginning to incorporate a strict protocol of case documentation, analysis and treatment planning.

Dr Vishal Gupta

Taking the Complexities Out of Direct Posterior Restorations

Dr Vishal Gupta is going to share some of his tips and tricks that will help clinicians to be in control of their procedures and deliver predictable and repeatable results.

Dr Karyn Halpern

Tips & Tricks: Setting Global Parameters

Manage the global parameters and settings in the latest 5.2.3 CEREC software update.