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Dr Michael Frazis

Predictable Anterior Composites

Dr Michael Frazis goes through the basics of anterior anatomy, composite design and some of the techniques he uses to improve his anterior composites.

Dr Tae Kwon

Implant Therapy in the Aesthetic Zone

Dr Tae Kwon reveals & shares his four crucial steps in achieving predictable aesthetic outcomes in anterior implant therapy.

Dr Alice Whang

Tips & Tricks: How To Design A Surgical Guide With CEREC

Dr Alice Whang explains and demonstrates how to get the most of your CEREC software.

Dr Jurgita Sybaite

Shapes Matter: How Morphology Drives Aesthetic Restorative Treatment

Planning and delivering anterior aesthetic restorative work can be daunting at times...


Dr Michael Melkers

Lessons From My Father with Dr Michael Melkers

Dr Michael Melkers introduces us to his father's journal and the lessons both technical and otherwise that are held within

Dr Michael Melkers

The Critical P's: Avoiding Confusion in Planning and Presentation

Dr. Michael Melkers will introduce and incorporate 'The Why' into the 'What' and the 'How' of our everyday practices and the missing connections we have in case planning & presentation.


Dr Claudia Pinter

Tips and Tricks - Avoid Posterior Open Bites with Aligners

Dr Claudia Pinter teaches us how to avoid posterior open bites with aligners

Dr Rohit Chaturvedi

Clear Aligner Success: Tips and Tricks to More Predictable Clear Aligner Therapy

Dr Rohit Chaturvedi will walk you through how to achieve more predictable clear aligner therapy

Dr Jaz Gulati

Diagnosing and Managing Bruxism

A presentation to aid Dentists in the diagnosis, communication and management pathways for patients who exhibit pathological awake and sleep bruxism.

Dr Hakan Colak

Same Day Posterior Indirects with CEREC

Dentists now have access to more modern technology like never before, allowing them to deliver more efficient and easier oral health to their patients

Dr Arthur Volker

Class IV Confidential

Learn how to improve your ability to efficiently restore fractures of anterior teeth.