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Episode 30: Full Mouth Rehab

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Ep 30: Michael Melkers - Full Mouth Rehab

Ep 29: Michael Melkers - Work - Life - Balance

Ep 28: Brett Burris - Responsibility

Ep 27: Michael Melkers + Tae Kwon - Sutures

Ep 26: Michael Melkers + Tae Kwon - Specialist Generalist

Ep 25: Michael Melkers - Face Bows

Ep 24: Michael Melkers - Occlussal Instrumentation

Ep 23: Rebekah Lucier - Post Op Pain Meds

Ep 22: Rebekah Lucier - Informed Consent

Ep 21: Rebekah Pryles + Michael Melkers - Pre Med Protocols

Ep 20: Jaclyn Toh - Split Dam

Ep 19: Michael Frazis - Basic Camera Skills

Ep 18: Michael Frazis - Stress Management

Ep 17: Michael Frazis - Creating Contacts

Ep 16: Brett Burris - Mentors

Ep 15: Brooke Blicher - Antibiotics

Ep 14: Claudia Pinter - Goals

Ep 13: Michael Melkers - How to RG5

Ep 12: Brett Burris - CE

Ep 11: Michael Frazis - Open Explore

Ep 10: Michael Frazis - Patient Discussion, Single Multiple

Ep 9: Michael Frazis - When To Replace Old Amalgam

Ep 8: Claudia Pinter

Ep 7: Jaz Gulati

Ep 6: Michael Frazis

Ep 5: Michael Frazis

Ep 4: Michael Frazis

Ep 3: Michael Melkers

Ep 2: Michael Melkers

Ep 1: Michael Melkers


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