Anterior dentistry training videos including clinical videos on composite techniques, smile design, crown lengthening, burs and polishing, diastema closure and frenectomy surgery.

Anterior Dental Training Videos

Dr Lincoln Harris

Crown Lengthening

Dr Jaz Gulati

Diagnosing TMDs

Dr Jaz Gulati presents to Dentists the diagnosis of common Temporo-mandibular disorders
(TMDs) based on good history taking and a sound understanding of TMJ anatomy.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Vishal Gupta

Finishing and Polishing Anterior Composites

Once the colour is matched and the contour is mirrored, surface texture and polish are what really bring life into the restoration.


Dr Lincoln Harris



Dr Michael Frazis

Frenum Repositioning

Dr Michael Frazis as he walks us through the procedure for safely repositioning the frenum for a patient