Anterior dentistry training videos including clinical videos on composite techniques, smile design, crown lengthening, burs and polishing, diastema closure and frenectomy surgery.

Anterior Dental Training Videos

Dr Vishal Gupta

How To Get Seamless Margins In Anterior Composites

Dr Vishal Gupta will share his skills and the aesthetic considerations involved in restoring anterior teeth with composites.

Dr Michael Frazis

How To: Floss Ties

In this short How To video, Dr Michael Frazis will show you his preferred technique for tying and placing floss-ties.

Dr Jaz Gulati

Introduction to the Dahl Technique - Localised Anterior Toothwear

In this presentation Dr Gulati will discuss the ‘Dahl’ principle, which will help you to manage localised anterior tooth surface loss.

Dr Michael Frazis

Line Angles

In this short video Dr Michael Frazis will show you how to draw line angles on a central incisor as well as some tips and tricks that he uses to get the best result for quickly shaping teeth.