Anterior dentistry training videos including clinical videos on composite techniques, smile design, crown lengthening, burs and polishing, diastema closure and frenectomy surgery.

Anterior Dental Training Videos

Dr Michael Frazis

Rubber Dam - Basic to Advanced Techniques

In this lecture Dr Michael Frazis explains how he uses rubber dam to maximise his efficiency and improve his clinical outcomes.

Dr Jurgita Sybaite

Shapes Matter: How Morphology Drives Aesthetic Restorative Treatment

Planning and delivering anterior aesthetic restorative work can be daunting at times...

Dr Alina Ruzanova

The Basics of Analog and Digital Smile Design Planning Masterclass

This foundational Masterclass will help get you comfortable with the basics of both analog and digital smile design so you can move forward with exciting, aesthetic dentistry.

Dr Michael Frazis

Tips & Tricks: Digital Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry

Dr Michael Frazis shows you his everyday tips and tricks to replace a single anterior tooth with an amax crown using the CEREC software.

Dr Lane Ochi

Tips and Tricks: Balance and Symmetry

The foundational concepts of balance and symmetry in the anterior aesthetic zone and how we apply it to our everyday dentistry

Dr Alice Whang

Tips on Removing Excess Composite

This is a short video from Dr Alice Whang to share some tips and tricks about removing excess composite.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Top tips, why do teeth look weird?

In this video Dr Lincoln Harris examines why existing or new restorations, both direct and indirect, can look “weird” or “wrong”.


Dr Lincoln Harris

Veneer Insert - Part 1