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Occlusion Dental Training Videos

Dr Michael Melkers

Diagnosing Yes and The Stages of No

In this episode, Dr. Michael Melkers will help you better understand the barriers and motivators to patients accepting our care recommendation as he helps us truly better understand our patients.

Dr Michael Melkers

Level Up Your Confidence and Find Your Why

‘Level Up Your Confidence and Find Your Why’ will be a journey through the triad of communication, treatment planning and occlusion with Dr Michael Melkers.

OHT Katelyn Murray

Occlusal Splints

Join Katelyn Murray as she goes through the process of making an Occlusal Splint start to finish in house.

OHT Katelyn Murray

Restoration Fundamentals

Learn how to make your work more predictable and with less stress without compromising quality.

Dr Komal Majumdar

RIPE Lisbon Comprehensive Aesthetics

Our focus is about achieving beauty with well engineered foundations and a long lasting result.

OHT Katelyn Murray

Silicone Impressions and Products

Join Katelyn as she takes us through the mini series of silicone impressions, basic stone moulds and making Occlusal Splints.

Dr Michael Melkers

What would you do? You're the Doctor

 It is broken by that age old question by the patient: “What would you do? You’re the doctor.”