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Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning for dental treatment. Learn how to plan patient's dental treatment in a predictable manner that will result in higher case acceptance. 

Treatment Planning Dental Training Videos

Dr Charles Payet

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Dentists

Dr Charles Payet shares his experience using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as a program to save, organise, edit, and export dental photographs.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Advanced Treatment Planning

The 8 Step-by-Step Protocols for Improving Case Acceptance

Dr Lincoln Harris

Analogue Smile Design

Draw a smile design quickly without using technology.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Class One Composite: First Class Career

In this lecture, Dr Harris shares his experience in private practice and in business to explain how he’s made his procedures more predictable and less stressful.

Dr Rohit Chaturvedi

Clear Aligner Success: Tips and Tricks to More Predictable Clear Aligner Therapy

Dr Rohit Chaturvedi will walk you through how to achieve more predictable clear aligner therapy

Dr Jaz Gulati

Diagnosing and Managing Bruxism

A presentation to aid Dentists in the diagnosis, communication and management pathways for patients who exhibit pathological awake and sleep bruxism.

Dr Jaz Gulati

Diagnosing TMDs

Dr Jaz Gulati presents to Dentists the diagnosis of common Temporo-mandibular disorders
(TMDs) based on good history taking and a sound understanding of TMJ anatomy.