Dr Lincoln Harris

Clinical Photography Tutorial

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Are you frustrated with introducing clinical photography into your everyday dental practice? Here are 5 reasons you should start now.

1. It helps patients understand their treatment plans and options.

2. Photos cover your butt! If there was ever a patient complain. Before and after photos can help your case.

3. You become better. Looking at your dentistry on a screen makes you try harder. Your dentistry is going to improve.

4. Your staff can do it. It doesn't add much time to your appointments when your team can take photos while you keep working.

5. You don't get tunnel vision. It is easy not to see everything when working on one part of the mouth. When you look at a photo of your work later it opens up the field of vision in an undeniable way.

In this video, Dr Lincoln Harris demonstrates how to take good clinical photographs and discusses the benefits of doing so.