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Dr Karyn Halpern

Mastering Dental Photography

From Zero to Hero with Dr Karyn Halpern

Are you confused by digital dental photography and don't know where to begin? Do you lack the confidence and skill to produce high quality images? Check out our Masterclass with Dr Karyn Halpern.

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In this FREE 1 hour Master Class, Dr Karyn Halpern will describe how mastering digital dental photography can elevate the quality of your care and also help you self evaluate your work for better patient outcomes.

Dr Halpern will reveal tips for selecting the most appropriate camera settings and accessories, and share techniques that will allow you to capture great quality dental photos that will in turn improve patient and lab communication.

Key Learnings

~ To understand why we need to master and implement dental photography in our daily practices

~To simplify the camera settings used to achieve consistent and predictable results

~ To learn how to shoot with digital cameras maximising the quality of the output

Key Benefits

~ Increase case acceptance by being able to show visuals during treatment planning

~ Improve the quality of your work through self-evaluation

~ Feel more confident and achieve more consistent, predictable results