Dr Ricardo Kern

The “S” Roll Flap Technique

The range of options for a sub epithelial connective layer pediculated to buccal flap

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The roll flap technique was first described by Abrams, in 1980 as a technique to be applied at the implant second surgical stage, allowing corrections of small horizontal defects and augment the buccal soft tissue profile.  Since that, many different modifications of the original technique have been described in the literature suggesting clinical improvements  in one hand, and in other trying to extend its clinical application. 


As simple as the procedure seems to be, it can be adopted in a range of different clinical situations, it is also a powerful tool to avoid second surgical harvesting sites,  and when performed with the right understanding of its limitations and particularities it can be successfully used to solve many of the issues of the peri-implant tissue at the same time of implant placement, diminishing morbidity and the need for further interventions.