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Dr Lincoln Harris

Treatment Planning for Complex & Simple Cases

Simple method for building in more time for complex case planning and consultation

Sustainably manage a practice with complex and simple cases and simple methods for building in more time for complex case planning and consultation.

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About this masterclass

Working in a busy general practice can result in you becoming TWO different dentists.

1. A dentist that works with regular patients that require very little work so you can move efficiently through your patient list.
2. A dentist treating complex cases that require more planning and more patient consultation time.

If you are struggling with efficiently scheduling your time so you can be BOTH dentists, then this masterclass is for you.


You will learn:

~ 3 techniques to decide if the patient requires complex or simple treatment so you can be more efficient with your time.
~ How to sustainably manage a practice with simple and complex cases which increases professional and patient satisfaction.
~ How to build in time for complex consultations for difficult cases leaving you feeling less stressed about being late for appointments


We believe that treatment planning does not have to end with rejection. 

We understand that discussing high cost and complex treatments can be uncomfortable for dentists, which is why we have over 500 successful Treatment Planning course graduates who use our simple protocols that allow dentists to plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with high case acceptance.  

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