Whether you are just starting out in your dentistry career or are a well-established practice owner, choosing the right digital dentistry courses is crucial for expanding your knowledge and experience in the industry. But what should you consider when evaluating your course options? Here are the top five features to look for in your next round of online dental courses.

Top 5 Features of Innovative Digital Dentistry Courses


1. Hands-On Learning

No matter where you are in your career, you’ve probably read a few — or many — textbooks on key dental topics. While learning about specific procedures and best practices is important, hands-on learning gives you the opportunity to practice and hone your skills. 

An online dental course provider that incorporates hands-on simulation technology specifically for digital dentistry allows you to practice what you have learned until you feel confident. Building confidence through a real-life simulated situation gives you the means to master new skills and use them with precision to meet the needs of your patients.

2. Peer-to-Peer Learning and Collaboration

Online Learning Journal (OLJ) research has identified connectedness as a core element of learning communities. Online learning can feel like you are on your own, especially when you only interact with your teacher and classmates during a session. An online learning environment with a community of like-minded individuals and mentors gives you the opportunity to learn and work alongside peers from around the world. 

Additionally, you can build or expand your network of trusted professionals if access to the community extends beyond your course timeframe. Staying involved in an online dental community can give you direct contact with world-leading educators. Staying connected with your online classmates and educators could open the door to collaborative success for everyone.  

3. Industry-Leading Educators

Like all educational environments, digital dentistry online courses should be taught by exceptional educators for exceptional results. When choosing a continuing education provider, look for companies that have international dental experts and educators so you can receive a well-rounded education on digital dentistry and beyond. 

4. Access to On-Demand Content

As a dental professional, you lead a busy life. Having time to fit in dental continuing education can be challenging. A digital dentistry course that includes on-demand content lets you learn when it's convenient for you. However, not just any content will do. You deserve on-demand content that has valuable information to truly enhance your education experience. Look for a service provider that covers areas such as treatment planning and patient communication through both on-demand videos, lectures, and other formats.

For your convenience, you should have online access to all lectures and materials included in a digital dentistry course so that you can rewatch key moments when needed. 

5. Ability To Earn CPD Credits and CE Hours

Keeping up with CPD credits and CE hours is a critical part of your dental career. Look for digital dentistry courses that allow you to earn these credits and hours through online learning so you can keep up with your licensure and certification requirements without the hassle and travel requirements of in-person options.

Digital Dentistry With RipeGlobal

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  • Foundational skills and tips and tricks.

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