During the pandemic, social distancing and general safety concerns made learning challenging for many professionals and students alike. In fact, an article published on the National Library of Medicine website reported that COVID-19 interfered with the “tutoring of fine motor skills;” a core element of mastering dental techniques.

Many professionals are making the switch to convenient online continuing education and training options due to the pandemic. However, it can be difficult to find an education service provider that teaches practical skills with innovative online dental courses. Below, we’ll discuss the overall benefits of online dental education and how to spot the best dental courses you can take from the comfort of your home or dental practice.

The Benefits of Online Dental Courses

Physical Safety

Although many experts consider most countries as “post-pandemic,” there is still a risk of new mutations of COVID-19 as well as new health warnings for emerging viruses. With this in mind, in-person courses run the risk of exposure as well as restrictions or course cancellations. Online courses have the benefit of no interference from health guidelines or concerns. Instead, you can focus on mastering the skills and techniques taught in your selected online dental CE courses.

Cost-Effective and More Options

Saving on travel costs is a huge benefit of learning online. Additionally, most online courses are less expensive than in-person offerings without having to sacrifice quality or quantity. Many online dental education programs include hands-on training using new technology to give you the confidence you need to utilize your learned skills. You may also have the opportunity to rewatch online lectures or explore new educational content with on-demand learning.

Location, Location, Location

Many online dental courses allow you to earn your CE credits from the location of your choice. Instead of a stuffy classroom, you can join online classes from your dental practice, from home, or anywhere that has a decent internet connection. This flexibility helps you to learn in a comfortable environment so you can get the most out of every course.

How To Choose Online Dental Courses

When choosing online dental courses that align with your learning style and education needs, consider the following questions:

Can I Complete These Online Dental Courses at My Own Pace?

While live classes online can be beneficial, you may want the opportunity to review the material, ask questions, and receive additional practice. Consider which courses allow you to learn on your schedule at your own pace. There should be options for courses that are fast-paced — such as bootcamps — as well as on-demand course offerings that can help you master the material without the pressure of a time limit.

Does the Provider Offer the Dental CE Courses I Need?

It can be tricky to balance CE courses with courses that can positively impact your dental education and career path. The best dental education companies provide CE courses in a wide variety of disciplines.

Types of Online Dental Courses

To receive a well-rounded continued education, look for online courses and programs that cover disciplines including:

The courses should allow you to receive your CE credits and master areas that match your professional goals. This can be accomplished when your online dental courses come in a variety of ways, such as with memberships, fellowships, bootcamps, and on-demand learning. 

Do Online Dental Courses Include Hands-On Simulation Training?

No matter what method you choose to receive your online dental education, it’s crucial that you’re given multiple opportunities to hone your skills through state-of-the-art simulations. Virtual hands-on courses allow you to see and do the techniques and skills demonstrated by the educator. Since hands-on simulation technology can be used for repetitive practice, you’ll have the muscle memory to help your patients with confidence. 

Does the Dental Education Company Offer Support & Mentorship?

A world-class online dental education company should have world-class educators, mentors, and professionals to accelerate deep learning and skill mastery. Mentorship programs with master dentists and a supportive community of like-minded individuals mean you’ll never be alone on your dental education journey thanks to collaboration and networking opportunities.

Dental Education With RipeGlobal

Dental education has evolved over the years, especially post-pandemic. Now with online dental courses available, dental professionals can receive the training and education they need on their own terms.

RipleGlobal is an innovative online platform designed to improve the quality of dental education and nurture dentists throughout their careers. You can learn from world-class dental educators and broaden your career opportunities with online CE dental courses designed with you in mind.