Lecture Series

Minimise your risk of failure by learning from others mistakes and implementing best practices workflows
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Dr Lincoln Harris , Dr Michael Melkers , Dr Ricardo Kern , Dr Radoslaw Jadach , Dr Dale Rosenbach , Dr Alina
Ruzanova and others

OHT Katelyn Murray

Restoration Fundamentals

Learn how to make your work more predictable and with less stress without compromising quality.

Dr Karyn Halpern

Tips and Tricks With Dr Halpern - Part 1

In this video Dr Halpern will be discussing how to get the most out of the "articulation" feature in CEREC software

Dr Michael Frazis

Understanding Crown Preparations

Join Dr Michael Frazis for his Lecture on Understanding Crown Preparations - learning the various aspects of crown prep basics as well as the decision making process on how to arrive at each decision point.