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Lecture Series

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Dr Lincoln Harris , Dr Michael Melkers , Dr Ricardo Kern , Dr Radoslaw Jadach , Dr Dale Rosenbach , Dr Alina
Ruzanova and others


Dr Daniel Rat

Full Arch Fundamentals

In this series Dr Daniel Rat shares how his treatment outcomes have changed after beginning to incorporate a strict protocol of case documentation, analysis and treatment planning.

Dr Alina Ruzanova

Fundamentals in Fixed Implant Restorations

This lecture will cover the insights into clinical procedures for restoring posterior bone level implants.

Dr Lane Ochi

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics; Traditional Crown and Bridge

When we combine the narratives "art and science", one must think of the skill set necessary to fabricate predictable and long lasting indirect restorations

Dr Lane Ochi

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics

We cannot improve our outcomes if errors are made by us or in the laboratory, making group cooperation and communication mandatory. This presentation will take an honest and critical look at the issues that face both the dentist and our labs. 

Dr Karyn Halpern

Introduction to Dental Photography

This introductory lecture will cover what equipment you will need, what accessories are necessary and what settings and techniques will allow you to take the best dental photos.