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Episode 19 – Digital Dentistry with Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz

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In this episode, Dr Lincoln Harris is joined by Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz. With a strong interest in digital prosthodontics, Dr Pawel carries out complex procedures in prosthodontics, full-mouth rehabilitations, and minimal-invasive aesthetic dentistry.

During this podcast, Lincoln and Pawel discuss the integration of technology in dentistry including present and future possibilities. Pawel highlights the benefits the digital control of cases, how to take great imagery without needing the expensive equipment, and how to get the best results from all of the current digital technologies available.


Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to remember how these advancements will help the patient- whether it makes it faster, more comfortable, less expensive or more repairable.

  • You do not need expensive camera equipment to take great dental images


Want to hear more? Lincoln Harris and Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz are part of the Restoration Fundamentals course. Learn more about the course here

About Dr Pawel Paszkiwicz

Dr Pawel Paszkiwicz is a leading digital dentist with a focus on Digital Prosthodontics. He carries out complex procedures in prosthodontics, full-mouth rehabilitation, and minimal-invasive aesthetic dentistry.  
Dr Pawel maintains his thriving private practice in Poland.

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