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Episode 21 – Constructive Criticism + Overcoming Hardships with Dr Najiya Ilyas

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In this episode, Dr. Michael Melkers is joined by 'one of the rising stars of RIPE' Dr. Najiya llyas. Najiya is a Consultant Cosmetic and General Dentist at Dr. Najiya's Orofacial Care in Karachi, Pakistan. With years of experience, Najiya regularly shares her knowledge of dentistry, tips and tricks within Restorative Implant Practice Excellence: Full Protocol- our Facebook community that shares information on how to do cases, with excellence.

Throughout the podcast, Michael and Najiya deep dive into topics of posting cases, sharing knowledge and learning from peers online, and improving your clinical photography. Najiya’s story is a shining example of the global reach and impact of RIPE as we truly Democratise Education.


Key Takeaways:

  • Taking photos of your work will help yourself improve

About Dr Najiya Ilyas

Dr Najiya Ilyas is a rising star in the RIPE community. A frequent contributor to the popular facebook page, Dr Ilyas presents intriguing cases in full protocol. She is a practicing dentist in Pakistan, and her academic achievements and professional success presents as somewhat of an outlier to the statistics that Pakistan publishes on illiteracy, education, and women in careers.

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