Due to the differences in patient symptoms, oral health goals, and previous dental work history, creating a solid dental treatment plan for advanced patient cases can be a challenge for even the most experienced dentist.

Here, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of advanced treatment planning and how master dentist Dr. Lincoln Harris breaks down the complex art of treatment planning into comprehensive learning steps with online continuing education dental courses.

What Is Advanced Treatment Planning in Dentistry?

According to Law Insider, a dental treatment plan is an itemized list of procedures and their costs along with validation of the necessity of these treatments through x-rays and other diagnostics. This is a basic — but true — definition. However, the planning process involves many steps to help your patient make the best choices for a happy smile. 

In some cases, there will be multiple options not only in the types of procedures but in the order that they should be completed. Advanced dental treatment planning takes into account the needs and comfort of the patient in order to provide the most effective plan possible.

Advanced Dental Treatment Plan Examples

Dental Treatment Plan Example 1:

During the initial visit, the patient complained of a displaced tooth. After examining the tooth and taking radiographs if necessary, you determine that you should reposition the tooth to reduce pain. However, this is only a short-term solution for an urgent need. For a long-term correction, you may need to develop a treatment plan that includes root canal therapy or possible extraction. 

Dental Treatment Plan Example 2: 

During the initial visit exam, it was discovered that the patient may have periodontal disease. Although you can perform a dental cleaning and x-rays on that visit, you will need to create an advanced treatment plan that could include gum grafts or other surgical procedures to prevent further disease progression.

Online CE Dental Courses Can Help You Help Your Patients

It can be difficult to identify an issue, but knowing how to go forward in the safest and most effective way comes with experience and practice. Luckily, exploring more about treatment planning doesn’t have to interrupt your schedule or your business. Online CE dental courses give you the opportunity to learn from master dentists from the comfort of your own home or dental practice. 

RipeGlobal’s dental education platform provides a revolutionary learning environment in which a balanced curriculum is taught by world-class dentists with hands-on simulation experiences and engaging courses. 

Dental Treatment Planning Courses With Dr. Lincoln Harris

RipeGlobal’s CEO, Dr. Lincoln Harris, is an active teacher and renowned dentist who shares his expertise in dental treatment planning through several available online CE dental courses. Each course discusses the protocols needed for treatment planning success.

The treatment planning protocols are:

  • Protocol 1 - Know Your Patient and Know Yourself

  • Protocol 2 - Efficient Exams and Beautiful Records

  • Protocol 3 - Comprehensive Groundwork

  • Protocol 4 - Plan Heath and Design

  • Protocol 5 - Motivating Diagnostic Mockups

  • Protocol 6 - Plan Together

  • Protocol 7 - Informed Satisfaction

  • Protocol 8 - Avoiding Price Shock

When your patient has specific goals for their smile, you have to work together to keep your patient on track and create a plan that balances their dental needs with their ability to pay. Dr. Lincoln Harris breaks down the steps so that your patients feel a part of the process and they receive the care they deserve.

Advanced Treatment Planning That Helps You Help Your Patient

Hands-on simulation and endless practice opportunities are just some of the perks of advanced treatment planning courses taught by Dr. Harris. Develop a strategy so you have the answers your patient needs for oral health. Discover the course that covers treatment planning in dentistry to bring you closer to your patients.


Advanced Treatment Planning