Imagine you’re a dentist fresh out of dental school — and maybe you don’t have to imagine — well, what next? Do you know enough about dentistry to launch into your career with all the confidence of an experienced hand? Quite often, you don’t learn the million and one things they didn’t tell you in dental school until you’re working on patients. Learning the job on the job is often a beyond stressful situation that no dentist-in-training should have to experience.

Knowing what you need to learn is the first step to fast-tracking your dental career in a way that stays true to your professional goals. From hands-on learning to dental discipline mastery, there are several support options that can lead to your success. Here, we’ll discuss how you can become a dentist who has the skills and knowledge base to accelerate your career and how to open the door for ultimate job satisfaction. 

Dental Education Options To Expand Your Skill Set


Traditional Schooling

In the past, additional learning opportunities for dentists were limited to in-person events like lectures and seminars. Although traditional schooling is still an option today, these experiences frequently lack hands-on training and a collaborative learning environment. They also typically follow a pretty strict schedule, can be very costly, and may require you to pay travel expenses.

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Online Schooling

Before the pandemic, online learning options for dentists were limited to lectures and videos that lacked practical application techniques. In fact, many new dentists were worried about less time for interactive training if they pursued dental education online. However, innovation and the need for a more immersive online experience brought forth a new generation of online learning platforms for dentists.

Dental learning platforms now have the potential to:

  • Provide hands-on simulation practice.
  • Offer a wider variety of learning tools and experiences. 
  • Let you learn from your clinic — less costly than traditional methods.
  • Allow more dental professionals access to mentor dentists and collaboration.
  • Give dentists a supportive online community.
  • Show you learning options that fit with your career aspirations.

The right learning platform is an ecosystem of knowledge and support that helps dentists feel empowered to make the best decisions for their future. You’ll have the support you need to learn and practice where you’re going to work: the same tools, your favorite hand piece, and your chair. The skills themselves and the way you learn will transfer directly to your practice.

How Do I Know What Dentistry Education Will Advance My Career?

Before you decide what discipline you’d like to pursue first, you should know what’s available for you to learn effectively. Dental disciplines you can explore with the RipeGlobal platform include:

The good news is that you can improve your manual dexterity in every discipline, as RipeGlobal takes hands-on learning as a necessary part of a dentist’s development.

How To Become a Dentist: Choose a Discipline 

Since every learner is different, there is no right or wrong way to become a success story. Pay attention to which discipline piques your interest the most. Next, look for dental CE credit eligibility programs that match your choice. RipeGlobal offers ways for you to map out your learning pathway so you can reach your career goals effectively and quickly.

RipeGlobal’s Clinician Development Tool

Figuring out what works best for you to reach your career aspirations in dentistry is now possible with RipeGlobal’s Clinician Development Tool. The tool assesses your confidence and competence in dental skills to determine where you are in your learning journey and provides you with a clear outline of how to reach your goals. When you know what steps you need to take to accelerate your career, you can then learn with the necessary resources at your own pace.

Shape Your Dental Career Pathway With RipeGlobal

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