The world of orthodontics is no longer limited to standard braces. This is great news for patients, as many adults want to straighten their smiles in a convenient and comfortable way — with clear aligners. 

Aligner orthodontics can do even more than straighten teeth — but as a dentist, you must master the finer points to offer all options at your dental practice. Here, we’ll discuss what ortho treatments you can offer your patients after mastering the fundamentals of aligner orthodontics with us.


What’s the Big Deal About Aligner Orthodontics?


Clear Dental Aligners Straighten Teeth Faster

According to the National Library of Medicine (NIH) research, “Both clear aligners and braces were effective in treating malocclusion. Clear aligners had advantage in segmented movement of teeth and shortened treatment duration.” 

A shorter treatment time is great news for your patients and you. Your patients can have a quicker way to get their ideal smile, giving you more positive reviews and time to take on additional cases.


Aligner Orthodontics With TADs Can Do Even More

When you add temporary anchorage devices (TADs) — also known as mini-screws — to the aligner orthodontic treatment plan, you can facilitate difficult tooth movements. For example, correctly placed TADs in coordination with aligners can be used to correct a canted smile and achieve better aesthetics. 

For example, if the patient is showing more gum tissue in one side than in the other and this is considered distracting, you can place TADs on the gummy smile side and intrude the teeth to achieve equal gingival display and increase the harmony in the smile.


Clear Aligners Are Clear (and Comfy)

Since metal braces must stay affixed to the teeth throughout the treatment, your patient can’t hide them during job interviews or date nights. They may also experience discomfort if the metal brackets rub against their lips, inner cheeks, or gums. 

Aligners can be taken out, so oral hygiene is easier to maintain, and your patients may appreciate the ability to eat normally without the fear of food getting stuck between the metal brackets of traditional braces.


Aligner Orthodontics Fellowship

Our Fellowship in Aligner Orthodontics (FAO) includes hands-on experience and coaching so you can give your patients more options for reaching their ideal smile. With a Sim Kit included, you get a safe way to practice techniques — including placing TADs — to grow confidence and competence, even if you haven’t had orthodontic experience before taking on a fellowship.



Aligner Orthodontics Fellowship Overview

The Aligner Orthodontics Fellowship is like orthodontics continuing education times ten. You still get CE credit-eligible learning, but that’s where the similarities between our program and dental CE courses end. 

The Fellowship in aligner ortho gives you cloud-delivered learning and hands-on practice with:

  • Class I, Class II, and Class III cases.
  • Using TADs with aligners.
  • Using TADs cross-discipline.
  • Creating aligner orthodontics treatment plans.

With the ability to learn from world-class mentor dentists, complete homework without leaving your home or office, receive coaching and support, and build on what you learn through a series of programs, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to handle aligner orthodontic cases.


What Taking the Fellowship Means for Your Patients

Since you had hands-on practice, this means fewer mistakes, resulting in an efficient and comfortable process. When you know the capabilities of aligners, you can give your patients more options and communicate the treatment plan effectively, reducing patient stress.

Fellowship in Aligner Orthodontics includes how to upright a tilted molar and other cross-dental discipline procedures so you can prep your patients for restorative dentistry procedures that are on their wishlist — without sending the patient to a different office. 


Patient Satisfaction Starts With More Aligner Orthodontics Options

Patients look to you for help with their ideal smile. However, trial and error to reach success is a process for learning, not for working on live patients. With training and support, you can not only help patients achieve their goals — you can do it the first time around. 

Our Aligner Orthodontics Fellowship gives you the practice and know-how to build your confidence and competence no matter where you are on your dental learning journey.

To accelerate your career and get your patients smiling, explore the Aligner Orthodontics Fellowship.

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