Possible techniques for proper teeth alignment have changed over the past several decades. If you are able to offer an option based on your patient’s specific needs, you can grow your reputation as a caring and knowledgeable expert in the field. However, the nuances of orthodontics may not have been covered in dental school. 

Below, we’ll discuss how you can meet the increasing demand for invisible teeth alignment with RipeGlobal’s Fellowship in Aligner Orthodontics.


Aligner Orthodontics Mastery Requires Proper Groundwork

Conventional fixed appliances to straighten teeth are seen as uncomfortable and visually unappealing — especially for adult patients with concerns about the visibility of traditional braces. However, mastering the advanced techniques needed to offer invisible alternatives can be challenging without the right continuing education options.

Benefits of Online Continuing Education

Growing your dental skill set with dental CE online courses has many benefits including:

  • Attracting more patients.

  • Providing the best patient care.

  • Recertification of licenses.

  • Learning from inspirational mentors.

  • Strengthening your resume.

  • Connecting with like-minded individuals.

  • Less costly than in-person courses.

  • No travel required.

Continuing education online is the preferred method for many dental professionals. Since some online learning options offer real-world simulations from the comfort of your home or dental practice, you can get credits with online orthodontic CE courses that hone your skills without disrupting your daily schedule.

Learn from world-leading dental professionals on the aligner treatments you need to fast-track your career to the next level. Virtual Dental Residency in Aligner Orthodontics >>>

RipeGlobal’s Continuing Education

RipeGlobal fast-tracks careers in dentistry with the world’s best cloud-based learning platform and simulation technology. Our mission is to give dental professionals everything they need to succeed from anywhere on earth.

Online courses and Fellowships can provide you with hands-on simulation practice under the guidance of master dentists for procedure mastery and the confidence building you need to take learned skills and apply them directly to helping your patients. A supportive community and free masterclasses can help supplement your learning and fortify your knowledge base.

Aligner Orthodontics Virtual Residency

The RipeGlobal Aligner Orthodontics Virtual Residency is a two-year, cloud-based, hands-on online course designed to teach precision and confidence in your teeth alignment treatments for happier patients. 

Orthodontics answers a lot more problems than simply straightening teeth. With the Aligner Orthodontics Virtual Residency, you'll become confident in the science and art of orthodontics and gain an understanding of when and how to apply learned skills while avoiding negative side effects found with improper aligner techniques.

Some of the key learnings you will take away from the course include: 

  • Align teeth with perfect precision.

  • Take full control over aligner treatments by understanding the technique.

  • Successfully treat deep bites with aligners.

  • Use aligners without creating posterior open bites.

  • Place TADs safely and combine them with aligners.

An online virtual residency gives you the opportunity for direct communication and engaging learning with your dental educators online. You can retain more information by learning on familiar equipment, receiving personalized feedback from some of the best dentists in the world, and joining a supportive and inspiring community that will reignite your passion for dentistry.


Teeth Alignment Made Comprehensive

Incorporating aligner orthodontics into your skill set and dental practice offerings will allow you to propel your career forward and meet the demand for teeth alignment options. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities with orthodontics, get started with the Aligner Orthodontics Virtual Residency today.


RipeGlobal's Virtual Dental Residency in Aligner Orthodontics