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Episode 30 – Being Inspired & Intimidated in Dentistry with Dr David Stachowicz (Clone)

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When two experienced dentists talk about being inspired and intimidated in dentistry, you must listen! 

Dr Michael Melkers & Dr David Stachowicz share their wisdom, favourite parts of their job (even their favourite teeth to work on!), and overcoming intimidation and inferiority as a dentist in this episode.

(Psst...stay till the end to see Dr Michael Melkers surprise Dr David Stachowicz with a RipeGlobal pin!)

About Dr David Stachowicz

Dr. David Stachowicz practices at his private clinic in southern Sweden since 12 years. He teaches at the University of Kristianstad, educating dental hygienists which lies close at heart being fundamental for successful dentistry.

David is passionate about all parts of dentistry, although his eyes light up for complex prosthodontic rehabilitations, implant surgery and restorative procedures.
Dr.Stachowicz owns a blooming multiple surgery practice in Kristianstad, Sweden.

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