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Episode 7 -The Dental Journey + Career Choices with Dr Maria Avis

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Dr. Maria Avis, an experienced cosmetic and implant dentist in Syndey, talks about her personal dental journey. In particular, Dr. Avis shares how past experiences have shaped her interests in specific fields of dentistry and balancing work with personal projects.

About Dr Maria Avis

Dr Maria Avis graduated from Sydney university in 1998. Since then she has been working in a number of private practices in Sydney gaining experience and expanding her knowledge of various fields of the profession.

This included 3 years in a specialist prosthodontic practice of her university professor, 3 years in a specialist orthodontic practice under the supervision of a prominent Sydney orthodontist, 3 years (and currently) a specialist practice restricted to implantology and over 10 years in a large CBD group practice which offered all aspects of dentistry under the same roof.

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