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Online Lecture Series

Advanced Treatment Planning

The secret to increased case acceptance and confident communication. Transform your dentistry career with 8 step-by-step Treatment Planning Protocols with massive case acceptance.


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All On X

This course will teach you the protocols needed to implement All On X in your practice, with Dr Rodrigues guiding you through a case from start to finish. You can build your practice with reproducible results that patients love and treat a wider customer base because of the quickness of the procedure. 


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Anterior Dentistry Lecture Series

In this course we will focus on shape, one of the most important parts of aesthetic dentistry. Pre-order the live virtual anterior dentistry lecture series. 


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Posterior and Quadrant Dentistry Lecture Series

Learn how to treat a quadrant of teeth efficiently, effectively and in a way that is practical, possible and profitable in general practice through the recorded online posterior and quadrant dentistry lecture series.


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Restoration Fundamentals

Learn how to make your work more predictable and with less stress without compromising quality. This series will help you create more predictable work with less stress and improve your earning potential.


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Hands-on Courses

Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry with CEREC Associateship

Learn how to make the most of your CEREC investment, restore the full-arch using digital dentistry and achieve the results both you and your patient want.


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Anterior Dentistry Course

Learn to treat anterior teeth in a way that is practical and profitable in general practice. In this course we will focus on shape, one of the most important parts of aesthetic dentistry.


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Fast Natural Posterior Fillings Virtual Hands-on

Learn Dr Mindaugas's Borders Technique on virtual models that simplifies the approach to posterior fillings, while still creating detailed, natural looking results.


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Fellowship In restorative Dentistry 2022 Intake


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Fellowship in Modern Implantology 2021 Intake


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