Whether you are fresh out of dental school or own a practice, continuing education is a vital part of reaching your professional goals. However, finding the time and resources for dental continuing professional development (CPD) can be challenging. A survey found that 52% of graduate students had a “better learning experience” with online education vs. classroom learning.

RipeGlobal is for dental professionals like you. We understand the challenges dental professionals may face throughout their careers and we are here to help you expand your horizons — on your own schedule. The best continuing education platform should provide you with many options to tackle your dental CPD online. Below, we’ll take a peek at the cutting-edge learning opportunities that await you with RipeGlobal.

Dental CPD Course Options With RipeGlobal

Learning and Networking Opportunities

Dental education is who we are. That’s why we have a Facebook Community Page with over 85,000 members — and counting. In this community, you can connect with other dental professionals, receive or offer support and advice, and help end the isolation that has impeded dental education for decades. 

Additionally, you can explore a free Masterclass to help you discover what skills and techniques you want to learn more about.


If you want to master the tips and tricks of a specific area of dental expertise, our Bootcamps have you covered. You can build your confidence and knowledge base with hands-on, one to two-day sessions that focus on perfecting specific skill sets. Bootcamps — such as the Crown Prep Bootcamp — are taught by acclaimed educators with the dental chops to back it up, so you can practice and apply what you learned immediately. 

RipeGlobal Associateships

To take CPD online courses to the next level, RipeGlobal offers an Associateship option that gives you a year-long course with revolutionary training techniques and master dentists who are there to help you every step of the way. You can improve your muscle memory with repetition using cloud-based simulation training from the comfort of your own home or office. 

RipeGlobal Fellowships

A Fellowship is a two-year program that deep dives into an aspect of dentistry such as Restorative Dentistry. Improve the predictability and confidence of your skills so that you can ensure safe and effective outcomes for every patient. In just four hours a week, you can get one step closer to reaching your professional goals. 

RipeGlobal Membership

A Membership gives you access to on-demand dental education featuring:

  • A wide range of dental topics.

  • Over 350 hours of education with more added each month.

  • Access to Fundamental Lecture Packs.

  • Access to world-class Masterclasses.

  • Personal support provided by friendly Pathway Advisors.

With more content and the support you need to see your goals through, there is no end to what you can learn with RipeGlobal. 


Tackling CPD for dentists like you just got easier with RipeGlobal Masterclasses designed to offer no-nonsense, impactful education in areas such as restorative dentistry, surgical advice, aesthetic dentistry, and more. With your RipeGlobal Membership, you can watch and re-watch all available masterclasses.

Fundamental Lecture Packs

You can learn at your own pace with Fundamental Lecture Packs designed by dentists to offer accessible and affordable core-level learning opportunities. The dentists featured in the lectures are world-class professionals who wish to share their knowledge and expertise. Lecture packs are a great way to improve your skills or to see if you wish to pursue a particular aspect of dentistry.   

Success With RipeGlobal Dental CPD Online Courses & More

No matter where you are on your professional journey, we have options to get you to where you want to be. With so many options to choose from, you can customize your dental CPD online journey with the right courses and content for achieving your goals.

Discover your potential with a RipeGlobal Membership.