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Dr Lincoln Harris , Dr Michael Melkers , Dr Ricardo Kern , Dr Radoslaw Jadach , Dr Dale Rosenbach , Dr Alina
Ruzanova and others


Dr Brooke Blicher

A - Z of Endodontics

A to Z Endodontics presents an up to date, clinically relevant, and exciting comprehensive endodontics curriculum.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Advanced Treatment Planning

The 8 Step-by-Step Protocols for Improving Case Acceptance

Dr Lincoln Harris

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

This 5 part series will teach you everything you've ever needed or wanted to know about Aesthetic Crown Lengthening


Dr Pedro Rodrigues

All On X

To do implants successfully, you need to know MORE than just screwing the Implant in.


Dr Dale Rosenbach

Atraumatic Exodontia

Dr Thomas Sealey

Ceramics - What You Need to Know

In this detailed look into the wonderful world of ceramics, renowned dentist Dr Thomas Sealey provides an expansive look at ceramics and how they’re used to create an incredible smile.


Dr Dale Rosenbach

Critical Considerations for Immediate Implant Dentistry

This lecture series with Dr Dale Rosenbach will inform the clinician about immediate implant dentistry and review both the potential benefits and drawbacks of the procedure.

Dr Michael Melkers

Diagnosing Yes and The Stages of No

In this episode, Dr. Michael Melkers will help you better understand the barriers and motivators to patients accepting our care recommendation as he helps us truly better understand our patients.