Healthy periodontium is the key for long lasting oral health for your patients. But what can you do when your patients need advanced periodontal procedures? Below, we’ll discuss why you should consider mastering periodontics.

8 Reasons You Should Have A Periodontal Skill Set


1. Nearly 50% of the Global Adult Population Suffers From Periodontal Disease

Severe periodontitis is the sixth most prevalent among all 291 diseases and conditions investigated, affecting 743 million people. With this many cases, there is a need for dentists to have the knowledge and expertise to handle patients from all walks of life who have varying degrees of periodontal disease and other problems.

2. There Are Physical Links to Periodontitis

Many diseases and conditions are connected with periodontitis including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Treating your patients with the care they need can help them to reduce their risk of additional health issues.

3. Periodontitis Has Negative Quality of Life Implications

Patients with periodontitis may have anxiety, shame, low self-esteem and can feel vulnerable. Tooth loss significantly affects oral health-related quality of life issues, particularly when tooth loss affects the anterior region.

4. Periodontics Can Help Reverse Early Stages

The early stages of local gingival inflammation is reversible and can be treated with adequate oral hygiene and in-clinic plaque control. Helping your patients now can prevent further oral health deterioration.

5. ... Advanced Stages Are Not

Advanced stages of gingival inflammation can lead to irreversible attachment loss and progress to periodontitis that may include bone damage. The patient may need multiple restorative dental procedures.

6. Earn Lifelong Patients

Long term studies have determined that the mean annual rate of tooth loss is less than 0.1 after effective periodontal treatment in patients who adhere to a prevention programme in a specialist practice. If you have mastered periodontal procedures, you’ll have dental enthusiasts who return to you for their dental needs.

7. Because Your Patients Are Getting Older

There are more elderly people in the world than at any time in history. The majority of them have chronic diseases and are taking medications. This poses a great challenge for the dental community, as dentists must utilize all of their experience and skills in order to provide quality dental care to potentially sensitive patients.

8. Regenerative Surgical Therapy and Other Treatments Help

It has recently been demonstrated that regenerative surgical therapy requires less re-interventions within a 20-year long-term perspective because there is less of a recurrence of the disease than after routine access flap surgery.

Treating periodontal disease reduces medical costs for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes, cerebral vascular disease, coronary artery disease and pregnancy complications. Effective non-surgical treatment of periodontitis can lower blood glucose levels in diabetic patients who suffer from periodontitis.


RipeGlobal’s Periodontal CE Courses Can Help


RipeGlobal has resources and dental CE courses available that allow you to directly implement what you’ll put into practice. We also offer a variety of learning pathways to help you, including free masterclasses, membership, and intensive bootcamps

For deeper learning, including hands-on simulation practice, our two year Fellowships — now called Virtual Residencies — can help you progress your career and offer more procedures to help your patients. Find out how a Virtual Residency in Periodontics gives you the support you need to reach skill mastery.