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Episode 5 – Shapes + Profiles + Anatomy with Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

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Dr. Mindaugas Kudelis, an internationally recognised dentist, belonging to the new generation, known especially from the online environment where he frequently posts cases. Inspired by social media and aiming to provide the best quality treatment he understood that for this you need a controlled working environment – rubber dam isolation as well as self control through work photo documentation.

This combination along with a keen eye for anatomy, lead to a faster growth of skills in posterior restorative dentistry.

About Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

Dr Mindaugas Kudelis, an internationally recognised dentist and lecturer who specialises in rehabilitation.

He developed the Borders Technique which creates natural-looking restorations to the posterior teeth in a matter of minutes. Dr Kudelis has worked extensively in both public and private sectors.

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