Dr Ricardo Kern 2 Day Recession Course


Dr Ricardo Kern

2 Day Recession Course

 Hands-On in Sydney


  • Anatomy, histology and physiology of the periodontal complex of donor and recipient areas. Periodontal phenotype and defect classification
  • Hands-on 1: Refinement skills and precision of the incisions for flap preparation and donor areas
  • Hands-on 2: Coronally Advanced Flap Incision Design
  • Success criteria for root coverage. The factors checklist you need to accomplish for predictable results.
  • Donor Area Approach: Pros and Cons of each donor site and post surgical treatment of harvest areas
  • Hands-on 3: Donor areas (Sub-epithelial, Free Gingival graft and Tuberosity) applying a thickness control technique - Window Technique.
  • Flowchart for choosing the surgical technique. Defect analysis and clinical objectives - volume, keratinization, covering.
  • Hands-on 4: Incision design for multiple retraction treatment.
  • Recepient Area Approach: Anatomical Considerations, Recipient bed preparation, and graft stabilization (suturing)
  • Hands-on 5: Total/partial thickness in keratinized mucosa and how to layering  the periosteum, muscles, and mucosa
  • Hands-on 6: Tunneling approach  - Graft and suture stabilization.                    
  • Coronally advanced flap approach  - Graft and suture stabilization